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Our Products

~ Name Badges ~

Our best seller! We offer our Name Badges with two different backing styles, Pin or Magnetic back, and in five different backing colors as shown below - Black, White, Aqua, Pink and Purple. Badges come with a sparkled high gloss finish over your selected design choice!




purple-backing.png     aqua-backing.png     pink-backing.png

           Purple Backing                         Aqua Backing                                 Pink Backing



Design Name:  The descriptive name shown beside each picture is the design name. This is how we determine which image goes on your selected product. Many designs are available in various color choices which are usually shown as a separate product.

Font Selection:  All personalized products come with two different font choices, Print or Script as shown below. Many Name Badges have black writing unless the background is dark, in which case the font will be white or a light color matching the design. 


Backing Color/Type:  All of our products have a durable plastic base that holds your selected design. The backing creates a small frame around the outside edge of your product. The various backing color options are shown under the options for each product. Backing Type is the Pin or Magnetic closure choice on our name badges.

Examples with names and titles

example-with-name-and-title-small.png script-name.png script-two-lines.png
print-multi-line.png  name-and-title-print.png print-name-and-title.png 

~ Refrigerator Magnets ~

Available in all of the same designs as our Name Badges. Our strong magnets will hold up several sheets of paper. Perfect for highlighting your child’s school and art work or many of the suggested uses shown below. Only available in a Black backing color. Discounts available on orders of 12 or more of the exact same design and text.  


Choose a design & add your favorite inspirational quote or bible verse. 










Also available using your own photo for only $9 each.

You can get them in one of our personalized frames shown here, or in a plain frame to showcase more of your own picture as shown below. 




~ Badge Reels ~

Retractable pull with a snap loop to hold your security card or photo ID. We offer four different Badge Reel colors, Black, Blue, Red and White as shown below. Any of our Name Badge designs are available as a Badge Reel, some of which may not be shown online. If you don't see a Badge Reel matching the Nametag you want just send an email to and we will make one for you and put it online.



~ Stethoscope ID Tags ~

A two piece plastic tag that fits on the tubing of your Stethoscope to make it easy to identify. The back portion has an area to write your name or other information. The entire housing, once the two pieces are snapped together, is difficult to remove providing added security should your stethoscope wander off. This product is currently offered in Black or White. 


steth-id-picture.pngsteth-id-tag-white.png   stripes-pink-br-wf.png


































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